Royal Cotton Bath Towels

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atlantic blue bath towel
atlantic blue
basalt bath towel
soft beige bath towel
black towels
deep orange bathroom towels
bright orange
dark berry bath towel black cherry
dark berry (discontinued color, limited stock)
dark brown cotton towels
dark brown (discontinued color, limited stock)
dark grey towel
dark grey
dark raspberry colored towel
dark raspberry (discontinued color, limited stock)
very light cream towels
bright green cotton bath towels
kiwi green bath towel
kiwi green (discontinued color, limited stock)
light grey cotton towel
light grey
medium tone blue bathroom cotton towels
medium blue (discontinued color, limited stock)
pacific blue bath towel
pacific blue (discontinued color, limited stock)
deep dark red bath towels
rouge bath towel
rouge (discontinued color, limited stock)
sage green bath towel
sage green (discontinued color, limited stock)
white cotton bath towels
snow white
bright deep blue turquoise bath towel
bright sunshine yellow bath towels

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Face Cloth
Price: $6.99
$3.99 43% off

11.8x11.8 in
30x30 cm

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Finger Towel
Price: $8.99
$4.99 44% off

11.8x19.7 in
30x50 cm

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Hand Towel (8.6 oz)
Price: $18.99
$9.99 47% off

19.7x39.4 in
50x100 cm

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Bath Towel (17.6 oz)
Price: $36.99
$14.99 59% off

27.6x55.2 in
70x140 cm

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Wash Mitt
cotton wash mitt
Price: $4.99
$3.49 30% off

6.3x8.3 in
16x21 cm

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Royal Cotton Bath Towels

Cotton Towel Design:
  • Beautiful soft, absorbent 100% cotton bath towels with well crafted edge finishes and a delicate end border design.
  • Designed and produced by well-known German brand Kleine Wolke, established in 1968, and is backed by their quality guarantee.
  • Machine wash and dry. See bath towel care details below.
  • Our colored cotton bath towels are coordinated options for many of the rugs in our collection. Our approach is use bath towels to accent and bring together the beautiful colors our rugs with the color palette of your room. We are happy to help so feel free to call or email us.

Cotton Towel Sizes:
  • Wash Mitt: 6.3in wide x 8.3in long. Simply slide your hand into this washing cloth.
  • Finger Towel: 11.8in wide x 19.7in long. Our finger tip towel has a convenient loop for hanging. Three decorative bands for the end border are at one end of the finger towel, the opposite end of the loop.
  • Hand Towel: 19.7in wide x 39.4in long.
  • Bath Towel: 27.6in wide x 55.2in long.
  • Face Cloth: 11.8in x

Cotton Towel Color Options:
  • Snow White: White cotton bath towels perfect to use in combination with any of the other colored bath towel option in our collection.
  • Black: Black cotton towels available in four sizes. Black is a great accent color that can be used side by side with another light or bright color.
  • Light Grey: Very light soft grey cotton bath towels. The grey is a barely there grey color.
  • Dark Grey: Deep grey towel with some softness in the color.
  • Pink: Beautiful deep bright pink towel.
  • Dark Raspberry: Bright deep raspberry color.
  • Dark Berry: Very deep dark berry tone. We liken it to a black cherry color.
  • Turquoise: Striking deep bright blue towel.
  • Red: Deep truly dark red tone cotton towel.
  • Dark Brown: Deep rich dark brown tone.
  • Yellow: Bright sunshine yellow.
  • Blue: Medium tone blue.
  • Green: Very bright green.
  • Bright Orange: Deep bright tone of orange.
  • Ecru: Very light cream.
  • Beige: Soft light barely there beige.
  • Basalt: A medium grey reminiscent of natural stone.
  • Rouge: A dark reddish pink.
  • Sage Green: A light green bordering on blue.
  • Kiwi Green: Grassy green with a hint of yellow.
  • Pacific Blue: Deep bright blue with a hint of green.
  • Atlantic Blue: Deep rich blue tone bathroom towel.

Cotton Towel Qualities:
  • Exceptionally soft, 100% premium cotton
  • Good warmth retention
  • Very durable
  • Easy care natural cotton fabric

Cotton Bath Towel Care:
  • Machine wash in hot water 140F 60C using colorfast, mild action detergent
  • Hang or tumble dry

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