Black Bath Rugs

There is nothing more elegant than black bath rugs against a clean white palette in a bathroom. From black and white bath rug designs to bath rugs with black as a base color with contemporary modern designs. You will love our washable black bath rugs. Our black bath rugs are designed and produced in Germany and are individually tufted by hand and made to very high quality standards.
striped bath rug with grey, black and white stripes
Stripes Bath Rugs
plush luxury bathroom rug in oval, round, half round, rectangular, matching elongated lid covers and extra large sizes with 20 color options
Relax Bath Rugs
modern shag bath rug with unique striped design available in slate grey, taupe and pacific blue
Lounge Shag Bath Rug
checker patterned bath mats with dense soft pile in flannel grey, toffee, blue, purple, ruby red and black and grey
Caro Bath Rugs
luxury custom bath rug cut to size with plush high pile available in 20 different colors
Relax Custom Bath Rugs
see calculator on page
unique contemporary bath rug with swirl pattern in your choice of platinum grey, aqua blue or eggplant
Filou Bath Rugs
plush toilet rugs and toilet mats for your bathroom in over 20 colors
Toilet Rugs
Trend Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Trend Bath Rugs
Paint Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Paint Bath Rugs
Stone Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Stone Bath Rugs
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