View all bathroom rug designs available in the VitaFutura collection.

Arizona : Soft Absorbent Thick Cotton Bath Rugs
Such a great option for the bathroom. All natural cotton is so absorbent, warm and soft. Having a reversible bath rug makes it easier to care for - no need to wash the bath rug so much, just flip it over.

Bamboo : Super Soft Bamboo Bathroom Rugs - Eco Friendly
We thought cotton was soft but the combination of sustainable bamboo and cotton is out of this world. It is SUPER soft. Our bamboo bath rugs are made from sustainably grown bamboo and cotton. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. Incorporating soft natural cotton fibers produces a luxurious bath rug.

Beach : Contemporary Striped Bathroom Rugs
Beach themed bath rugs great for childrens bathrooms or to bring the sandy beach into your home. The design includes seashells and starfish. Extra large beach bathroom rugs available for under $60.

Bilbao : Modern Striped Bathroom Rugs
Luxury bath rugs with a bold and contemporary striped design. Your choice of six rug sizes (from lid covers to extra large rugs) and three color combinations (royal blue, beige or black).

Caro : Checker Pattern Rich Multi Color Plush Bathroom Rug
Push long wearing polyacrylic rugs with a block design in a selection of five sizes and four colors - coral red, blue, beige, black and grey. Durable and thick bathroom rugs from $59.99.

Crystal : Non Slip Contemporary Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats
Designed in Germany. Individually tufted by hand and made of long wearing, durable polyacrylic yarn. Non slip plush bathroom mats from $39.

Custom Size Bath Rugs : Custom Bath Rugs, Custom Runners, Custom Round Rugs and Custom Oval Bath Rugs
Luxury custom oversized bath rug. Very plush high pile rug 30mm / 1.18in. Made from long wearing and durable polyacrylic which has a soft wool like feel. Sizes up to 10ft in length. Custom round rugs to up to 59 inches in diameter.

Dakota : Contemporary Black and White Bath Rugs
Contemporary geometric intersecting block pattern bathroom mat. Extra large bath rug sizes under $60.

Fantasy: Shag Bathroom Rug in Amazingly Fun Colors
One of the most unique bath rugs in our collection. This super soft polyacrylic shag bath rug is available in range of sizes and very exciting colors. Shag rug design specifically for the bathroom starting at $40.

Filou : Quality Contemporary Bath Rugs - Swirl Design
Modern themed contemporary bathroom carpets. Various sizes of bathroom rugs available in grey, ruby red, pink or purple.

Havanna : Thick Plush Reversible Cotton Bath Rugs in Extra Large Sizes
Reversible cotton rug design is exceptionally unique. Very soft and plush cotton bathroom mat available in silver grey, snow white, natural or slate grey.

Malaga : Modern Rich Color Plush Bathroom Rug
Premium bath rugs in a choice of four colors. Durable and thick bathroom rugs from $64.99.

Mandala : Colorful Round Bathroom Rugs
Unique round bathroom rugs in a choice of four sizes. Great for the kids bath! Matching floral medallion shower curtains are also available.

Relax : Plush Bath Rugs, Extra Large Bathroom Rugs
Unique luxury bath rugs in extra large and round sizes. Plush high pile bath mats availabe in over 20 colors.

Romance : Oval Bath Rugs - Non Slip Oval Bathroom Rugs
Luxury oval bathroom rug. The sculpted pile gives this design a three dimensional effect which is quite stunning. Unique oval bathroom rugs from $49.

Rumba : Quick Drying Microfiber Super Soft Bath Rugs
Exceptionally soft high pile microfiber bath rug. Quick drying super soft velvety rug design.

Shadow : Non Slip Plush Bath Rugs
Bold unique color selection and oversized options with a plush pile.

Vamonte : Unique Shaped Bathroom Rugs
Plush, luxury bath rug with a classic yet unique sculpted shape. Available in choice of six sizes (up to extra large) and five colors, including azure blue, peach, beige and a beautiful slate grey.

Vanessa : Contemporary Bathroom Rug Sets and Affordable Unique Bath Rugs
Contemporary and unique sculpted design in classic colors with a premium non slip long wearing backing. Extra large contemporary rugs under $65.